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5 Tips to Start a Podcast

Podcasts are content platforms that can be easily consumed even while working or while moving in a car. They do not require the full attention of your audiences, as is generally required for consuming blog post or a video. Another reason for the increasing popularity of podcast is that it can be heard on any device, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Your audience can listen to what they want, and as and when they want. You can reach to new audience. At the end of each show, you can direct your listeners to your website and thus create potential traffic for your website.

The following are the 5 tips for starting a podcast

  1. Choose a Passionate Topic

Think seriously, why you are starting this podcast and what your reasonable expectations out of it? Select a topic, you are passionate about and can. In order to test this, pick up a topic and continue speaking on the same, without any note or preparation. If you are able to speak for more than 30 to 60 minutes at a stretch, you’ve got your topic. You can search iTunes for other podcasts that come under your niche and choose a sub-niche to make a difference.

  1. Brand Your Podcast

After choosing your topic, craft a brand name of your podcast, just as you do for your products or services. Choose a name that could be something memorable for your audience. Instead of overly creative or abstract names, you can pick out a direct and descriptive name.  Make the name such that, it jumps out and grabs your audience. Since your audience discovers your podcast via Google Search or iTunes, add one or two keywords within the name of your show. Add an attention-grabbing logo also consider your marketing strategy and how you will promote it. Using a website like marketingquotes.com.au can make life a lot easier when comparing marketing agencies.

  1. Format and Service

Out of video and audio formats, you can opt for video podcasts as they elicit a more personal touch. As a matter of fact, besides offering valuable content, you are selling a witty aspect of your personality. After the format, you need to decide on the structure of the show. Define a schedule for your program that may be once a week or once a month and maintain the consistency. Allot a definite time; say 30 to 50 minutes.

  1. Plan Your Content

Believe in the adage, “Content is the King”. The success of your content is dependent upon your topics, flow of conversation, personality and the overall engagement. Keep a running list of show topics. Whenever any idea strikes to your mind make a note of it and plan to include the same in the upcoming show. You may cover news topic and script as part of your show to endorse your organic search campaigns. Using an Linkedin Marketing Company can dramatically boost the online presence of your Linkedin profile.

  1. Aesthetic Presentation

Apple and iTunes prefer feature podcasts that have professional looking artwork. Invest in artwork with a minimum dimension of 1400X1400 or maximum of 2048X2048. Make use of words and images that are large enough so that they put a better impact on eyes. You can try Fiverr or you can hire a graphic designer from Upwork for creating a beautiful cover for your podcast.

Keep these things in mind and make your podcast a grand success.

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